Diplomatic Exhibition Sales – Guest Author: Stefan Buss

Exhibition Selling like James Bond!

I met a potential client the other day and had a rather fascinating chat about her background and her diplomatic approach to exhibition sales.

She had a diplomatic father in Europe and was taught from an early age to profile political figures that her father wanted to meet at engagements or events. She had to research everything from their family structure, to their past history of positions, to their hobbies and interests. She then had to be by her father’s side at these events and give all the pertinent info as her father approached them, preparing him to engage in relevant conversation.

She then proceeded to tell me how she approaches exhibitions in this manner together with her sales team, listing the top 3 CEO’s at an event they would like to target and have all the info ready for them to recognise, engage and spark some interest and rapport immediately. She was able to engage all 3 of these top CEO’s and influencers and her objective was met for the show. Her approach was “It does not matter if we have the best product or not, it’s if we get these key people engaged and interested, and to do that, we need to know what interests them. Its all political!”

I was absolutely gob smacked – the detail at which she profiled these CEO’s was scary – a bit like something out of the secret service, but oddly made a lot of sense. Sparking it off with someone at a show might not be coincidental.

Should we be profiling our largest fish we want to catch, knowing what to look out for and having a tight strategy on how to get there – hell yes! Having the Marketing Manager and Sales Manager work closely together is uber essential and then briefing the team for the day is a must!

Happy hunting!

Stefan Buss