AZA 2013

Cape Town World Design Capital 2014 launches officially on New Year’s Eve! What does this mean for architects and the built environment in Cape Town, South Africa and the region? SAIA answers this question at ArchitecureZA, 19-20 November 2013, at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

As the design spotlight is turned upon us, how do we respond? At first we look around us nervously wondering what will the world make of us! So much of our environment was either never formally designed, and fair percentage was badly designed we can’t redesign our city/s in the next 48 months! We can celebrate the excellent work however and in the process create a vision of the built environment we would love, and which we could hold up to the world with pride and say look: this is our architecture, our unique heritage, our auspicious present, and our bright future.

Cape Town World Design Capital is an opportunity for architectural expression, at the smallest and largest scale and every scale in between. Now is the time for creativity and ingenuity, to take the heritage we have, along with the glamorous new buildings and the not so glamorous shanties.

Part of a series: the dialogue will be initiated in 2013 and revisited in 2014

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