Trade Shows, but why?

Custom designed and installed exhibition stand.

Custom designed and installed exhibition stand.

How often have you wondered, what’s the point participating in trade shows? The common belief would be, that the trade show exhibits help you and your company sell better. But is it that trade fairs and exhibitions are all about? Think deeper… Being a contemporary professional, trade show participation helps you in more ways than just precise marketing. Jotted down are the various stages at which an exhibitor can benefit not just his own company but his/her career as well. Tradeshows a career boast: Networking is the key to the game, and whether you are assisting at the trade show booth, listening to key note sessions in conferences or just browsing through visiting various exhibition booths, you are bound to meet people relative to your industry. From potential customers to your counterparts and maybe even your next employer, trade fairs help in forming a web of network that would be difficult to accomplish working just from your office. Tradeshows profiting company departments: All the departments of a company can profit from exhibiting at a trade convention. Be it at the sales level or engineering, these events aid in multiple ways. From the point of view of a marketing professional, trade show is an opportunity to build the brand and make a larger public aware with offerings existence. As for sales, exhibitors primarily take part to generate leads and meet contacts from around the world. An engineer would get a direct feedback on the trade show display he helped devise. In all, you also get an idea of your company’s stand. Tradeshows benefit Companies: The benefits to the company are too apparent to be missed. Apart from reaching out to a broader audience, the business can also develop a good name, strong brand image and increase customer loyalty in the industry by a well thought out exhibition participation. The expos act as a platform to achieve the company’s marketing goals. Tradeshows support industry growth: Every drop makes an ocean, similarly, at a trade show; different players of the same game come together moving forward in harmony. The Industry as a whole can study the tendency persisting in the market and what the customer really desires. If there are problems, all the companies can look into it and find common solutions. More than anything, trade shows are a chance for innovation as every firm in the industry tries to do better than the other. “New-bees” can be invited into the fold and taught how the industry in totality works. One can rejoice triumphs or even ponder over the reasons for failure. The conventions in general are a medium for the industry to grow and gain national and possibly international notice. Trade shows are worthy of maximum company participation because of their multi-purpose nature. There is a bigger picture involved and they are not just for personal benefits but also for your colleagues, the company as a whole and the industry in totality. So do not wait, make the call and book a booth at the right trade fair now! For an assistance related to trade show participation in any part of the world you can bank on one name precisely as the best source of tradeshow related information:

Author:  Himanshu Tiwari