Using Twitter to increase engagement at your next Exhibition or Event


With almost 58 million Tweets going out on a dailybasis, you definitely want to implement Twitter into your Event Marketing campaign if you’re not already doing so! Twitter offers a fast stream of information and allows you to connect and engage with your followers throughout all phases of the Tradeshow experience.

The following is an overview to assist you in getting your show Twitter-ready:

Show Management

  • Decide if you want to utilize your Company’s existing Twitter account or create one specifically for your Event.
  • Once your Show Logo has been finalized, use it to customize your Twitter profile. Being consistent with your branding will increase event awareness.
  • Develop an Event #hashtag and include it on all of your Marketing materials. You can run a search on Twitter to check usage or visit a site like to check the activity. Remember that you only have 140 characters per tweet so you’ll want to keep your #hashtag short and concise.
  • Create a Public list on your Twitter profile which will allow others to connect more easily and create engagement on all levels prior to getting on site. People to include are as follows:
  1. Key Members of Your Organization
  2. Speakers and Presenters
  3. Customers
  4. Exhibitors
  5. Service Providers
  • Pre-show tweets can consist of a variety of information. Share information about your Event, Registration, Hotel deadlines, the facility, and/or to highlight your Sponsors and Exhibitors. The possibilities really are endless!
  • Using a Social Media Dashboard such as Hootsuite ( can assist you in scheduling and managing everything ahead of time. You can include Event and Seminar reminders with the times and room location – just make sure you’re posting within the right time zone if applicable – as well as information regarding off-site activities.
  • Encourage live tweets from your Event and remind everyone to utilize your show-specific#hashtag. Make sure to include this on all of your presentation slides for those that didn’t connect prior to their arrival.

Determine how you are going to handle responding to all of the interaction generated ahead of time. If you have a large event, you may want to consider having multiple people assigned to this task to keep the engagement going.


You will definitely want to take advantage of the opportunities that Twitter offers for your Event Marketing Plan as well. Some areas to focus on to get started:

  • Do a search on Twitter for the Event #hashtag and start connecting with others that are attending the show.
  • If Show Management hasn’t formed a Public List, you can easily start your own to monitor tweets for the event.
  • Obtain your booth number from Show Management and include it – along with the Event #hashtag – in your pre-show messages.
  • Do you have a #hashtag for your Company? If so, include this in your tweets – just remember that you can only have a maximum of 140 characters and you want to leave room for retweets and comments.
  • Highlight the products and services that you will be displaying and invite attendees to stop by and visit you at your booth.
  • If you’re hosting an Event give-a-way, this is a great opportunity to market the prize and winner!

Have a plan to monitor the interaction gained on Twitter and assign someone to take care of the feed.

These are just a few ideas to get you started using Twitter at your next Event or Tradeshow. Although I admit that it was a little daunting when I first got started, I can tell you that it can be a lot of FUN and has become one of my favorite Social Media Platforms at events!

Managing your steams is key and you will want to devise an action plan ahead of time to handle this. As you begin your planning phase, you may want to consider outsourcing these services so that you can focus on other areas of your Event.